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  • Standard

    “It's an online class on a whole new level!”

    My interest in K-pop and K-drama got me into studying Korean. I first started to learn Korean through videos on Youtube.
    But I soon realized that I needed a more organized and well-defined learning curriculum that could help me move into more
    serious learning. That's why I registered for the 30DAY KOREAN STANDARD COURSE. Their curriculum was solid. I was given
    a weekly study plan consisting of vocabulary, grammar, speaking, reading, assignments for advanced learning, and online
    live classes. I was able to check my understanding after each unit by playing quiz games. Each unit comes with a review
    feature that let me check the questions I answered incorrectly, which helped me study efficiently.
    Of course the online live class was so wonderful. The class was very engaging and centered around communicating between
    a Korean teacher and classmates in Korean. I became much more confident in communicating in Korean after taking the
    course and came to love studying Korean even more. Thank you!

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  • Special

    “The curriculum is customized to my need and personality.”

    I started looking for an online Korean course since I had to cancel my plan to go to Korea due to coronavirus. And then I came
    I tend to ask one question after the other so I was hoping to meet a Korean teacher who can give me the attention that
    I need when registering for the 30DAY KOREAN course. When I just began, I thought I would mainly take advantage of the 1:1 live classes. But I was wrong! I was so impressed by the various learning content that they offer to help me practice by myself. It was obvious that a lot of thought was put into designing this course. I could learn new words and concepts in relation to my existing word knowledge, which makes the whole process of learning easy and more effective. Not only that, each content has a voice recording option to help me practice speaking better.
    During the live class, my Korean teacher was fully present and always patiently waited for me when I struggled to form a
    sentence. She always tried her best to give me as many opportunities as possible to speak. Thanks to her dedication, I was
    able to improve my Korean much faster than expected.
    Thank you♥

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  • Speaking

    “It's the best ever!”

    It's the best ever! This program is different from other online courses. My Korean boyfriend motivated me to kick off studying
    Korean 3 months ago and now I can hold a basic conversation with him.
    Their well-organized curriculum around vocabulary, grammar and speaking assignments helped me learn more organically.
    For example, the open-ended questions of the speaking assignment make me feel like I'm speaking in a real-life situation. I get to talk about what I want to talk, so that keeps me interested in studying Korean. My Korean teacher gives me weekly
    assignment feedback where she outlines my weaknesses and strengths and strategies to overcome my weaknesses. It's a big help!
    Now that I'm confident and more comfortable in speaking Korean, I will take a full-time course that comes with live classes.
    I'm already excited about talking to my Korean teacher face to face next month!

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  • Pronunciation

    “Now I can sound like a native Korean speaker.”

    I have been working in Korea for three years. I mostly use English at work but started to learn Korean to build better
    relationships with my co-workers. Actually I could form a decent sentence in Korean, but the problem was my pronunciation.
    My Korean co-workers had a hard time understanding what I say because of my distinctive French accent. I felt like I hit a dead
    end. I was lost not knowing what the problem is with my Korean pronunciation and how to fix it. And then I came across the
    The curriculum includes vocabulary, grammar, animated videos for speaking practice. It was so helpful that each
    unit comes with native pronunciation. Particularly, I liked the animated learning content because I was able to record myself
    after listening to the dialogue spoken by native speakers and to compare myself with them. So that helped me be familiar with Korean pronunciation rules and pick up native accents. Through this, I was able to improve my overall pronunciation
    I also uploaded my recording to an assignment bulletin board and received very detailed feedback on my pronunciation from
    my Korean teacher. The feedback was very constructive in a way that it identifies my exact problems and addresses practical
    solutions to fix them. It helped me so much in correcting my pronunciation.
    I will continue to study with the course. For those of you who have concerns that are similar to mine, you should definitely try
    this course :)

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Learning Process

Video Lessons with
Interactive Content

Speaking Assignments
& 1:1 Feedback

Live Online Classes

Video Lessons with
Interactive Content

Speaking Assignments
& 1:1 Feedback

Live Online Classes

Student Benefits

  • 01

    About 40 Learning Content
    per month

  • 02

    About 100 Vocabulary Cards
    with native speaker pronunciations

  • 03

    Animated videos for speaking practice
    with a built-in Voice Recorder

  • 04

    1:1 Feedback
    on speaking and writing assignments

  • 05

    Live Online Classes with a Korean Teacher
    with downloadable textbooks

  • 06

    Unlimited Time of Questions Accepted
    via the course bulletin board

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    June 2022, Class registration OPEN!!

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    April 2022, Registration OPEN!!

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    Japanese subtitles available「日本語字幕公開!」

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    March 2022, Registration OPEN!!

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